Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors in Your Bathroom

Just a Drop is a quick solution for your toilet to make sure it stays odor-free. It is a new product in the market that has risen significantly in popularity since it was introduced. The concept is simple; we have designed a product that is both effective and affordable, the qualities every consumer looks for when purchasing a product. Each bottle lasts for about 400 uses, and with every use, your toilet stays fresh and smells good for a long period of time.

Toilet Odor Eliminator

Whether you own a business or would like to try our product for your home, Just a Drop will get the job done. Everyone wants to keep their toilet clean and free from odors. We noticed although there were several products in the market, their effectiveness was extremely low, which is why we created Just a Drop to help you keep your toilets clean and fresh, free of odors.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Just a Drop is no doubt a cost-effective solution. There are many other toilet odor neutralizers that advertise and promise the idea of an odor-free toilet, but in reality, fail to do so. With Just a Drop toilet odor eliminator drops, you can be assured every time you use it, you will have a fresh, odor-free toilet. The cost of Just a Drop is about two cents per use, which makes it one of the most effective, affordable toilet odor eliminator products on the market today.