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Catherine Hickland
Product Queen

Just a Drop!

Man, oh man, I am going all over the place with this month’s Product Queen. I found a few, shall I say…er…interesting products that I just have to write about! Bear with me while I go where no beauty writer has gone before, or at least, not this one.

Having said that, let me get to the absolute star product of the year. If you live with someone or are going to spend the night with someone or if you’re just using someone’s bathroom while you are visiting them – or they are visiting you – this product will make sense to you. Okay, I’ve beaten around the bush long enough!

It invariably happens that you need to use the bathroom and you’re dying because you’re in a one bedroom apartment or a hotel, or just plain sharing the bathroom. Forget air fresheners, that makes it worse! There is the coolest thing called, Just A Drop. You put a drop in the toilet before you go, and voila! 98% of whatever bathroom odor you may have is cut off at the pass. Can you imagine? Where has this stuff been? My girlfriend Jill told me about it and I thought she was pulling my kitty-cat tail! But, no, it’s true, and who wouldn’t want this stuff?